Our mission

Humanitas Mater Domini’s mission is to offer citizens high quality, specialised diagnostic and therapeutic services, ensuring facilities and processes that comply with occupational health and safety regulations, guaranteeing the best conditions of comfort and well-being.

Humanitas Mater Domini is constantly committed to:

  • complying with and having their staff comply with mandatory regulations and other requirements established for occupational health and safety;
  • implementing the measures it deems most appropriate for the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses with a view to ongoing improvement in the performance of the occupational health and safety management system.

Daily activities focus on continuous improvement:

  • effective care
  • humane care
  • efficient management
  • innovation and scientific research
  • professional development of operators
  • hazard identification and risk assessment
  • training and teaching for the health professions
  • renovated facilities and optimised use of the same, besides user-friendly pathways
  • renewed technological devices and purchase of state-of-the-art instruments.

Humanitas Mater Domini adopts a human resources management and development policy aimed at motivating and making the most of each individual. The Institute firmly believes that people are crucial for the implementation of its mission.

Humanitas Mater Domini pursues excellence by implementing a personnel policy that ensured the organisation has a balanced mix of both young and experienced professionals, chosen according to the hospital mission, type of patients, services provided and technologies in use.

The Top Management shall ensure, in accordance with applicable regulations, that each worker under its control who may perform activities affecting his or her own and others’ health and safety is competent based on specific and adequate training and experience.

Humanitas Mater Domini goal is to be a healthcare facility of excellence in terms of timeliness, appropriateness of the services offered and professional expertise of the staff. Hence, it pursued and obtained the Joint Commission International’s accreditation, and was the first hospital in Italy to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification as early as 1997.